Monday, July 26, 2010

Dr. Appointments

Our Daughter recently had her regular eye and Pediatric Rheumatology appointments.

The eye appointment went great, her vision is fine with no signs of swelling. Good news!!

The Reum appointment went good as well. She can get off of her Naproxen, which she has been on for over three years!! She needs to stay on the same amount of Methotrexate because she still has the slightest of swelling in her right ankle.

We have a followup in three months so hopefully the ankle swelling will be better by then.

As a side note, if your doctor hasn't told you about the various Arthritis groups that are out there ask to speak to them about it or the patient relations person. We never found out about the Arthritis Foundation until 3 years into our daughter's disease! I spoke with our doctor and patient relations and they now have a packet of info for all new patients.

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