Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dr Huttenlocher(juvenile rheumatologist) appt today

We had our regular appointment with Dr Huttenlocher today. There were prizes galore, she really liked the Badger snap bracelet and the silly putty.

The prognosis was good, her right knee is still affected as well as an ankle is minorly affected. Dr Huttenlocher thought she looked much better but because her knee is still swollen upped her Methotrexate.

Labs were run again, no complaints on the blood draw from her.

We see Dr Huttenlocher again in two months. The main goal for that appointment is for the knee to be doing better so that we can wean her off of the Naproxen and stay on just the Methotrexate.

She has as much energy as ever. She said to me yesterday that she wished the snow would go away so we could go camping :)

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