Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wisconsin Arthritis Foundation JA Family Fun Day

The Wisconsin chapter of the Arthritis Foundation sponsored a Juvenile Arthritis family fun day on Saturday January 30th at the Blue Harbor resort in Sheboygan, WI.

We attended the meeting with our daughter. Her god parents and grand parents stayed with us in a villa and watched Maxson while we were away.

The meeting was a great experience. We heard stories just like our own time and time again. The treatments were similar to ours as well. It was nice to know we are not alone.

The speakers were 4 young adults who have grown up with Arthritis. They have not had a cake walk, but it was amazing to see the strong people they have become. I hope that she turns out the same.

Then of course there was the water park, daddy took her Friday and Sunday and everyone went over on Saturday.

All weekend she never admitted her legs hurt and we asked her often :)

A great weekend, I highly suggest attending if your child has Arthritis!

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