Monday, August 9, 2010

2010 JA Conference Notes - Kids with JIA

Kids with JIA have sixth sense about when someone is struggling with something. They grow up VERY empathetic and grow to be caring supportive adults.

I have never met a kid with JIA that would go back and change their life and not have it. It makes them so tough, empathetic and caring that they wouldn’t want to be “normal”. To that point a question comes up often about whether people with JIA want to have kids in the future. They are worried that they may pass the disease along to their kids. While no risk has been medically proven it is still a concern. The response that I have heard a few times and makes alot of sense is that we know no one that has JIA that would go back and change it, so if go forbid your child gets JIA they will feel the same. On top of it all you will be prepared to help them fight. If you didn’t have JIA you wouldn’t get to meet all of the neat people at the AF or go to great conferences. You wouldn’t get to have such great fun at the walks and other events. You wouldn’t have met all of your lifelong friends from camp.

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