Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meeting Representative Tammy Baldwin

On August 11 we were very lucky to be hosted by Tammy Baldwin for a meeting on Arthritis. We were able to share our story and to ask her for help in fighting Arthritis. Our daughter started by telling Tammy that she had Arthritis, that her knees sometimes hurt but that she took shots and pills to make them feel better. She said she didn't like the shots much.

Tammy listened to all that we had to say and was very involved in the conversation. I think that she was shocked when I told her that our daughter is on a chemotherapy drug and we have no idea how or why it works, what the long term side effects are and how long she should really be on it. I could really tell that she was interested in what we had to say and how she could help. She came up with some great next steps that could really help further Arthritis research.

At the end of the meeting our daughter gave Tammy a couple pictures that she had been coloring and we gave her a photo of our daughter holding a Thank You sign like the picture below.

Tammy had just returned from Afghanistan and I thanked her for visiting our troops. I can't thank Tammy enough for her time, it really was a special experience! We look forward to future meetings!

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