Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Daddy's First Shot

So, wanting to be involved in our daughter's care, I have learned about everything that we give her or ask her to do. I taste each one of her medicines to see how bad it tastes and try to put myself in her shoes. I always show her that I am tasting it so that she knows that I know how bad it tastes :)

My wife was an LPN so when we started MTX shots she was the one who gave them. I told Addie that I would like to learn how so that if mommy wasn't around on shot night she could still get them. I asked her to pick a date on the calendar and she could pick any of 4, so she picked the last one.

Well Monday night was the big night and I was a little nervous but I drew up the shot and gave it to her. She said it hurt a little more than when mommy does it (of course!) but said I could give it to her again.

I think it is important for everyone involved in the care of a child with JRA to learn all about the treatment.

If you have been holding off on learning how to do the shots, DON'T! Participate and feel part of the team.

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