Thursday, April 22, 2010

It never seems to end

It seems like every day I have something new that I worry about with our daughter's arthritis. Every time that she says something hurts I ask her 20 questions to decide if it's normal kid rough housing pain or an Arthritis flare.

Last night she almost fell off of her swings and ended up hanging upside down. My second thought (after determining she was okay, just scared) was did she tweak on joints that is going to cause a flare. This morning I checked her over and moved all her joints and all seems well but it's something else to watch.

I'm not complaining, she is doing GREAT on MTX, hopefully her knee will come down and not be affected in the next few months.

It just seems like we can't do much to fight the disease other than to keep an eye out the best we can.

On the other hand we also have an infant son so I do my best to give him as much attention as I do our daughter. I am sure in the future I will have to really watch that to ensure we aren't being unbalanced :)

I thank god for my wife, she's a nurse and her background helps so much! She knows how to do the shots and knows when to be concerned and when not to be. She's the rock :)

Hope everyone is having a great spring!! Bring on summer!

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