Monday, April 26, 2010

A new kid

I have heard this many times over the last month or so. She is like a whole new kid! Our daughter's MTX injections are allowing her to act like a kid again and no one recognizes her. Gone is the shy quiet girl and out has come the overactive outgoing girl :) I am amazed at how much energy she has!

It does make me sad to realize how much pain she must have been in because she hasn't ever been very active. Now she is climbing all over stuff, running around and can keep up with the other kids her age.

This weekend we had soccer for the first time and we pretty much ran for an hour straight. She kept right up with the other kids and didn't complain of her knees hurting afterwards.

Her right knee is still swollen so MTX hasn't put her in remission yet but it has sure helped with her symptoms.

The hardest part about Arthritis is it is so hard to see the effects, we just never knew how much it was effecting her.

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  1. Jeff - I am so glad the MTX is working. Isn't it amazing when it does? Bean ran across our son's baseball field this week to get the the playground on the other side...I literally had tears running down my face. May each of their journey's continue on the path to remission!