Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Update

She is a new girl on Methotrexate! It's not just me that thinks so, others have said that they don't recognize her either. She has so much energy, runs and plays like never before. Preschool has also made her so much more outgoing, just what we wanted.

Most days we take a 20 minute (one way) bike ride to the park after I pick her up from daycare. Last year she could ride her bike about half that distance, now she goes to the park with ease :)

The "A" Team fundraising has been a HUGE sucess so far, we have raised $2020 so far with pledges of over $100 yet to come in. We also have mobiles out at local businesses that are brining in money. REMINDER: The walk is on May 8th at 10am.

Thank you so much to all of our Family, Friends and Neighbors for supporting her. It means the world to us!!

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